Question this week – Do I have Towing & Roadside Assistance?

I was at a party last weekend and someone there locked their keys in the car.  The party was winding down – a little before midnight.   Being an insurance agent my immediate question was do you have towing on your car policy?  She did not know, and of course her insurance ID was locked in the car.  The local law enforcement was called.  They came by to see if they could get the car unlocked but could not.  A locksmith was called, who said there would be a $25 fee to come out and depending on the type of lock probably $15-$20 to unlock the car.  Of course once the locksmith got there in 2 minutes the car was unlocked but the charge was $240 because of the “type of lock” it was.

Our advice – know your coverage – have your insurance company claims phone number in your phone and for OUR CUSTOMERS – you likely already have our cell numbers in your phone and we DO ANSWER all hours.

If you do end up paying out-of-pocket we can submit the bill for reimbursement but how much better to not have the hassle!

Farmers towing and roadside assistance covers this and more.

  • Stuck in the mud or car broke down – need a tow?
  • Out of Gas?
  • Flat tire?
  • Dead battery?
  • Auto Lock out?

All are covered.  We have used the service ourselves – I had a flat.  They can change the tire if you have a spare or tow you to a tire shop, which is what I did.  My Mom’s car battery was dead inside the garage and our jumper cables weren’t long enough – towing and roadside to the rescue!

Best part?  Our towing coverage is about $1/month per car.  If you don’t have an agent who will be sure you have this helpful coverage and answer your calls when you’re insurance ID is locked in your car I’d love to talk to you.

Call us at (918)615-9746 or my cell (918)519-9841  

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