Question today – My Insurance Policy Expires Today

My Insurance Policy Expires Today – Can I Start the New One Tomorrow?

The industry standard is that insurance starts at 12:01 am on the effective date of coverage.  Likewise when a policy expires or you cancel it, the cancellation is effective at 12:01 am on that date.

Example:  Your policy runs from 5/13/16 to 5/13/17.  If you do not renew, coverage ends at 12:01 am the morning of 5/13.  So… if your policy expires today, you need to start the new policy as of 12:01 am today.  This will keep from having a lapse in coverage.   What is the law that says if it can happen it will?  Don’t chance having an accident the day the policy expired and the coverage ended when your new coverage does not start till in the morning!

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