Please heed this warning!  We’ve recently had some high winds and in a few areas hail.

If a friendly roofer shows up at your home offering a free inspection of your roof, DO NOT let him on top of your home!!  There are many reputable roofers in our area but weather events bring out the disreputable, predatory, dishonest people who prey on trusting homeowners.

We just had this happen to one of our customers and want to let everyone know how this scam works.

They will be in a neighborhood knocking on doors and say something like they are in your neighborhood working on a roof which was damaged by the recent weather and offer to give you a free inspection of your roof.  In our 80 year old customer’s case, she allowed him to get on her roof but in some cases these guys will be pushy enough to get on the roof without permission.  Recently in our neighborhood someone was already trying to get on the roof when the owner came out of her home.

The guy told our customer there was massive damage.  She told him who her agent was – he said he would contact us but instead called a claim in directly to our claims department.  In talking to our claims department, our adjusters recognized the company as a known abuser.  One thing that can happen is this person on top of your house pulls up shingles and tells the homeowner that it’s wind damage.  The problem is whether it’s wind or manual ripping, once the seal on the shingle is broken the damage will have to be repaired.  This is a horrible abuse.

If you think the wind may have damaged your roof NEVER let someone you don’t know on top of your home!  Call us and we can send someone we know, trust and work with frequently to take a look.  The guys we work with actually have repaired the roof for free if there is only a couple of shingles lifted.

Here is the email my client’s daughter sent me:

Hi Sean-

My mom talked to a guy named xxx xxxx with XxxxRoofing, a couple of days ago, who came to our front door while I was in the back yard with my dog. Next thing I know, my mother comes out the back door and a booming voice from the roof starts talking about all the roof damage we have. Scared me to death. It turns out he was taking photos of alleged roof damage that we had from the recent big storms. I don’t remember any damage from this year at all. Then, after he showed us the photos, he supposedly called you to coordinate with you and an adjuster named Xxxx to come look at the damage, and give us a quote on having his company replace the roof.

Sean, I got a really bad feeling from this—I don’t think this is above board at all. Did you actually talk to him? Have you ever heard of him? Do you have an adjuster named Xxxx? Honestly, we cannot afford $3,180 up front/out of pocket for a roof that was just replaced in 2008, and I’m leery of people who come to the houses of elderly people, unsolicited, and try to scare them into paying for services they probably don’t need.

I am eager to learn of your reply.


Xxx xxxxx

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