Free Child ID Kit

IMG_1543Saturdacampbandagey, May 17, 2014 the Sean Sansone Agency had a great day at Camp Bandage giving away Child ID Kits – If you could not attend call us or complete the form below to request yours free.

Child ID scan (426x640)

Your unconditional love for your children makes you willing to do almost anything to protect them.  Sadly, about 2,100 missing children reports are filed each day.  By taking a few small precautions, you can help prevent your child from being kidnapped.  But if by some remote chance your child is ever missing,  be prepared. With a properly filled-out CHILD ID KIT from Farmers, you’ll be that much closer to getting your child home safe and sound.  Keep the completed kit in a safe place for peace of mind.  The kit is completely free and includes the following: 

  • Basic safety information
  • A spot for a current photo 
  • A place to record identifying marks
  • A growth chart 
  • Most importantly a set of finger prints
  • fingerprint

Call Sean today (918)519-9841 or complete the form below to request your Child ID kit.

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(offer valid in Oklahoma only-if you live outside Oklahoma, check with your local Farmers Agent)

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